Home Business Millionaire Club Established For Commercial Sellers

Home business millionaire club, what is it?

home business millionaire club

Home Business Millionaire Club

The home business millionaire club is an e-commerce associates (ECA) program at TripleClicks. This program enables commercial sellers to market their products online. Sellers list their products at a website page provided to them by TripleClicks. One can list as many products as possible.

Why is it called a home business millionaire club?

It’s called a home business millionaire club because its members stand high chances of becoming millionaires. The program enables members to earn a growing income from the sale of products at TripleClicks. These are products and services listed by companies referred by members at TripleClicks E-commerce program.

Referrers earn commission for life whenever companies referred by them make a sale. Through multiplier effect, members with many referrals get good money. The home business millionaire club therefore provides a platform to work smartly and earn money for life.

How can you benefit from the home business millionaire club?

Members of the home business millionaire club benefit in the following ways:

1. They can sell their own products at TripleClicks. Their products get exposed to millions of shoppers everyday who frequent the fastest growing international e-commerce website.

This is a great opportunity for people to market their products and services worldwide. The home business millionaire club makes it possible for small to medium businesses to establish their presence online.

2. Members earn 10% of the commission volume of all the sales of companies referred by them. What you have to do as member is to refer companies to list their products and services at TripleClicks. The referral program is very good. You only have to refer companies to TripleClicks and you are set to earn royalties for life. Every time someone buys a product from any of your referred companies, you earn commission.

For example, if you refer 10 companies and each company sells products equivalent to 100 commission volume, you earn 100 dollars in commission (10%x10 companies x 100 dollars). This is something doable.

How do you join the home business millionaire club?

It’s simple for anyone to join the home business millionaire club by following the steps below

1. Open an account at SFI. Signing up is Free.

2. Apply to become an ECA if you want to list your own products at TripleClicks.

The new policy requires new ECAs to have either an online presence or a verifiable physical retail store location. If you don’t have any of the two, you are required to pay a one-time fee of $40 as a New Seller License charge. But if you have a website and physical business location, becoming an ECA is free.

3. If you don’t want to become an ECA, you should refer companies to join by filling the ECA Application form online. The application requires the applicant to have verification documents, company information, product information and account information. It is normally approved within 2 working days if the applicant meets the requirements.

In conclusion, joining the home business millionaire club through our ECA program is a great way of planning your future. You earn loyalties for life. At cashwithgoleza.com, we help businesses to join. Contact us for support and if you have any questions!

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