How Top Bloggers Make Money Online

Do you know how top bloggers make money online? There is definitely no specific way or formula of making money blogging. Everyone has his/her own way. But I am certain of one thing: all successful top bloggers monetize their blogs. Top bloggers like Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Micheal Arrington, Pete Cashmore, Mario Lavanderia and others have each monetized their blogs in a different way.

how top bloggers make money online

In the blogging industry, there are many established top bloggers. They earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every month through blogging. There are also tens of thousands of bloggers who start new blogs from time to time. Blogging is a way through which many people have made money online. But to earn a reasonable income from blogging, it’s hard work. It also takes time. All the top bloggers mentioned above have blogged for more than 5 years.

I have read about many bloggers. My aim has always been to find out how those top bloggers make money online. What I have discovered is that:

• Most top bloggers use their blogs to launch other businesses. They use their blogs to make people aware of their other businesses from which they earn money.

• They blog regularly to get traffic or visitors to their blogs. As they blog, they give free valuable information to attract people. Traffic is the backbone of their businesses.

• All top bloggers have a product or a service to offer. They monetize their blogs.

• They have attracted great people through blogging.

Income sources from which top bloggers make money online

Let us now look in details how top bloggers make money online. There are mainly 5 different ways through which they make money online. They include:

1. Selling physical products.

• Books

• DVDs

• Merchandise

2. Selling virtual products.

The majority of top bloggers sell products in non-physical form. These are mostly digital products that are easily be downloaded. They include:

• Audio – i.e. downloadable music

• Video – downloadable videos

• ebooks – downloadable ebooks

• Software – programs and other operating information used by a computer.

• Apps – these are software run on the internet, computer, phone or any other electronic device.

• Plug-ins – software components that add specific features to existing software. For example, plug-ins are used with WordPress, a content management system (CMS) used to manage the content of a website. They are used to enable easy customization of the website.

• Reports – There are top bloggers who write and sell reports. They pick a topic in any market, write a short report and promote it.

• Webinars – these are online seminars broadcast to a select group of people through their computers via the internet. They are sometimes referred to as online workshops. Many bloggers earn money through organizing such workshops.

• Courses – offered to provide basic information online

3. Offering services.

A good number of bloggers offer a variety of services from which they make a lot of money. They include the following:

• Web designing / development services.

There are many top bloggers who earn a six-figure income every year through designing quality websites. They also offer web development services.

• Online marketing services.

There are various online marketing services from which bloggers make money. These are services like search engine optimization, social media marketing, etc…

• Freelancing.

There are many top bloggers who have made a lot of money from freelancing. A freelancer is someone who works on a self-employed basis. There are several freelance opportunities available on the internet. They include mainly the following:

o Freelance writing. Freelance writers get writing jobs for companies in which they are not employed. They are paid for their work. The more diverse the write is the more his/her work gets published.

o Translation. Knowledge and fluency in second language has offered many top bloggers a great opportunity for freelancing.

o Mobile development. There are top bloggers who earn a lot of money freelancing. They are hired by to develop mobile apps by big companies.

o Social media. There are many top bloggers who are experienced social media experts. They target     high paying companies that do not handle social media in-house to do freelance work for them.

o Photography. Photography offers many freelancing opportunities.

• Events – online events like campaigns, webinars, contests, etc…
• Consulting – consulting services in different fields.
• Training – training people online
• Coaching – coaching people online
• Donations – Top bloggers at times offer a free product or service and appeal to users to donate willingly in appreciation.

4. Advertising.

The majority of the top bloggers make money online through advertising on their blogs. It’s the commonest source of income to website owners. There are several types of advertising opportunities on the internet. They include:

Private advertising – Some bloggers sign deals to advertise for businesses for a specific period at an agreed amount of money.

Newsletter advertising – most top bloggers use newsletter advertising to promote services/products to subscribers who opt-in to receive their emails.

Cost per click – most bloggers place adverts for companies which pay a sum of money to the website owner when an internet user clicks on the advertisement.

Cost per impression – many bloggers make money online from advertising campaigns where advertisers pay each time an advert is displayed.

Classifieds – textually based adverts arranged according to specific classifications. Many top bloggers use this type of advertising to earn good income.

Text links – text link ads are texts on a blog or website that are hyperlinked to specific pages on other websites. Most top bloggers make a lot of money by using text link advertising programs like Google Adsense and Kontera that offer such advertising opportunities.

Ad networks – Some bloggers earn money by connecting advertisers to websites that want to host adverts.

RSS advertising – Some bloggers offer advertising space in RSS feeds.

Sponsorships – this is a type of advertising that establishes a deeper association and integration between an advertiser and a publisher.

Lead generation – this generation of a consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business.

5. Affiliate marketing.

This is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company rewards an affiliate (someone who promotes a product/service to potential customers) for each customer brought by his own marketing efforts. Most top bloggers make money online by promoting affiliate programs and/or networking.


There is money in blogging. The number of bloggers who earn a six-figure income is increasing. However, it takes time and hard work to make money blogging. You have to monetize your blog and to create multiple streams of income if you want to be counted among the top bloggers who earn big money online.

Are there other ways you know through which top bloggers make money? Please share with us using the comment section below.

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